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Xavier HS Ignatian Award for Mrs. Cassidy

Mrs. Cassidy, with former SFA students Andrew Hernandez and Matthew Morin, and Fr. James Croghan, SJ.

Mrs. Cassidy, with former SFA students Andrew Hernandez and Matthew Morin, and Fr. James Croghan, SJ.

Mrs. Isabel R. Cassidy received a Xavier High School Ignatian Educator Award in recognition of her outstanding work as an educator. Former students, Andrew Hernandez and Matthew Morin – both of SFA Class 2014 – wrote about her strong and positive influence in their personal and intellectual development as a student.

The award was given on Wednesday, April 29, 2015. Previous recipients of this award from our school were Mrs. Michelle Giallombardo and Sr. Dora Sartino, MFIC.
Congratulations, Mrs. Cassidy!

9 comments to Xavier HS Ignatian Award for Mrs. Cassidy

  • Suzette Golden

    Congratulations, Mrs. Cassidy!
    Mrs. Cassidy was a co-teacher/supervisor/VP in Miriam College High School (formerly Maryknoll College HS) in the Philippines. This award is much deserved. I read the essays that Andrew Hernandez and Matthew Morin wrote and these described the Miss Ramos (now Mrs. Cassidy) that we knew and loved. Way to go, Bel! We, your Miriam CHS family are proud of you!

  • Teresita Alve

    Congratulations Mrs.Cassidy!
    Truly you deserve this award for your exemplary display of what a real teacher (like Jesus)is. I’m so proud of you as a former colleague from Miriam College. You have shown these kids that going to school is not only learning the lessons but most of all it is learning what life is all about.
    Keep it up, Mrs. Cassidy.

  • Minna L. Comuyog

    Kudos, Bel! You INSPIRE every Filipino educator. Way to go!

  • Coni Guillermo Romoda

    Congratulations Bel! We (your Maryknoll family) are proud of you!

  • Mia Javier

    Congratulations, Mrs Cassidy (Ms Ramos)!!!

  • Congratulations Mrs. Cassidy (Ms. Bel Ramos)!!! Mrs. Cassidy was my homeroom and Math teacher in freshman year of high school. She taught us with so much passion and dedication that it made Math a little easier to understand (it’s my Waterloo). She’s a serious disciplinarian and an awesome friend all rolled into one. This is such a deserving award!

  • Joanna de Guzman

    Congratulations, Mrs Cassidy (Ms Ramos!) My teacher in the first and second year Math pull-out classes. You were a passionate and dedicated teacher, as well as head of Student Affairs. You totally deserve it! And you don’t look like you’ve aged one bit since I was a student more than 20 years ago!

  • Sonia K. Arce

    Congratulations Mrs. Cassidy (Ms. Isabel Ramos). Bel as she’s fondly called was my colleague at Miriam College (formerly Maryknoll College) High School. We worked together as partners. Bel as the assistant principal for academics & me as the assistant principal for student affairs. Bel embodies the true qualities of an educator. She’s very dedicated to her calling. I am happy to have worked with her. Bel keep on being a dedicated educator, all for the glory of God, for the honor you bring to your family and Miriam College, and for the joy you bring to your students (past, present & future) and to yourself. Cheers to you, Bel!!!

  • Ciela Marie Uy Ungson

    Congratulations to my favorite teacher! You were our algebra teacher in first year HS at Maryknoll (Miriam) in 1986. And we were very lucky to be taught by a very dedicated and effective teacher. I still remember exchanging emails with you a few years back when you knew of my sister’s (who was also teaching then in the U.S.) car accident, which shows how you care for your students (even from years ago!). You truly deserve this! Take care always Ms. Ramos 🙂

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