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STEM Project by Grade 5 – Pumpkin Catapult Launching

The 5th Grade class participated in a STEM Project on October 25, 2016. The students in the class worked in teams of four to create, design, and construct a pumpkin launch. The launch needed to catapult a candy pumpkin a distance of fifteen feet and land on a target. Each group was able to attain the goal through teamwork and cooperative learning.

Continue reading to find out what the students have to say about their work….

The experience of building a catapult with limited materials was a challenge. The fun started when we put our minds together and worked really hard to design a working catapult.

Isabella Betancourt, Evan Baquerizo, Eli Riancho, and Laura Montero

Our team of four worked together to communicate our ideas to create a beautiful project. Although time was ticking, we were able to create a successful catapult.

Carolina Quito, Izabella Bermudez, Francesco Mazzeo, and Ianna Lee

The pumpkin catapult was very difficult to make and exciting with all its challenges.  At first the project failed, but we worked together and turned it into a success.

Alyssa Cueto, Jack Halligan, Katelynn Vincent, and Julian Rodriguez

While working on the catapult project we learned to work together and share ideas. We had fun as a team even when we disagreed and our catapult idea failed.  Through cooperative team work we were able to finally build a successful catapult.”

Aarav Patel, Andres Hernandez, Martin Martinetti, and Nick Facchini

The pumpkin catapult was a very challenging and fun experience.  Even though it took many tries we finally made out catapult work.

Isabel Dreeke, Ellie Sawyer, Aiden Hernandez, and Joshua Vazquez

The science project was a success because we achieved out number one priority which was to launch a candy pumpkin onto a target. We all went through many challenges, but we worked together to accomplish our goal.”

Tina Shahani, Alessandra Castaneda, Joseph Vazquez, and Michael Guasconi

The pumpkin catapult project was challenging yet extremely fun with all of its tweaks and fixes. It was very hard to make it go far and to land on a target, but after many tries we finally managed to make our project work.”

Sofia DeRose, Fabio Yepez, Zoe Harris, and Jerry Pane

31 comments to STEM Project by Grade 5 – Pumpkin Catapult Launching

  • Nick Facchini

    The pumpkin catapult was really fun and exciting. I learned more about teamwork and that everybody has valid ideas. Also, not all ideas are perfect, you have to work hard to accomplish them.

  • sofia derose grade 5

    This project was very exciting, and contained many challenges. It was so much fun to learn the art of engineering a catapult. This project enabled me to learn about teamwork and physics

  • This was such a fun and exciting project with so many surprises. Even though my group went through many challenges,we were able to cooperate and get the assignment done. I would enjoy to do another project with my group that requires teamwork and dedication.

  • When we did our catapult it was very difficult but when we were a team it was easy. My team is Alyssa ,Me (Jack), Katelynn , and Julian. I am very happy that we accomplished our catapult!

  • Aarav Patel 5

    My experience using teamwork and building a catapult was awesome because I got to express myself with my teammates Andres, Martin, and Nick. I was very excited and I had learnt a lot about teamwork. I had a lot of fun and I would like to do something like this again.

  • I was one of the people who made the catapult. I had a lot of fun doing this and working together with my friends. Over all when my team had made the catapult make it to the plate I got very excited

  • Tina Shahani grade5

    My experience with building a catapult was great. My teammates were amazing helpers. We all worked together to make it. It didn’t work the first time, but we got it the third time. We had a great time building a catapult.

  • Aiden Hernandez

    I think that the 5th grade did a wonderful job on their catapults. They worked very hard and used their creativity. I think this project really put their minds to the test. My friends and I really did an amazing job and had fun.

  • Katelynn Vincent Grade 5

    This was hard at first, but I had help. In this project I learned about teamwork. This was my favorite project in fifth grade so far.

  • This project was more than a single grade, but an experience that taught us teamwork and cooperation.Through teamwork we were able to accomplish our goal. This project was an extremely fun experience with all of its tweaks

  • Isabella Betancourt Grade 5

    The experience of building a catapult was very hard, but we all worked together and tried our very best. It was so much fun doing this project with my friends.
    This project was creative and fun at the same time.

  • My experience doing the project was amazing. I had a lot of fun and I was learning so much. Making these catapult was a challenging experience.

  • Martin Martinetti Grade 5

    Hi, this project was very fun and our catapult failed two times until the third time and we made it! Well, almost but the pumpkin went a little to far. This project helped us cooperate and made us wok as a team, many ideas were thrown out until our team finally got a great idea. I hope we will do an other project like this again!

  • I had such a great time, trying to accomplish building our pumpkin catapult. It took us three tries, just to get the catapult to launch five feet. We were all so tired of making the catapult and just wanted to be done, but I didn’t want to give up.When we made the catapult for the fourth time, it went farther than fifteen feet and Joshua,Ellie,Adian,and me were so happy.

    • Izabella Bermudez Grade 5

      You guys did great with your catapult. The pumpkin flew really far and landed really close to the plate. It was very exciting to see you guys so happy when you succeeded at your project!

  • Alessandra Castaneda

    This project was the best project I’ve done yet. Working with my team was the greatest experience ever. I hope to do another project like this again.

  • Making the catapult with my friends were one of my greatest experiences at St. Francis Academy because I’m a new student at St. Francis Academy and I didn’t make a lot of friends yet. At first, I kept on thinking that I was going to fail, because the time was ticking and my heart was ready to burst out of my chest, but my friends helped me realize that we were going to do fine. I learned to not stress over the little things and have fun with my friends, and we even succeeded in the project! I’ll never forget the STEM project experience with my friends.

    • Izabella Bermudez Grade 5

      This was truly a great experience. Indeed it was very chaotic, but we made it and we had fun. You are very creative with your ideas and thoughts. You and Francesco helped make the launcher, and both of yours were great! You are a loving person and a great friend. I am sure you will fit right in our school!

  • Izabella Bermudez Grade 5

    The accomplishment of our team was great. We all worked very hard and did the best of our ability to make the catapult look and work great. Maybe it was the way we all worked together or how everyone was so enthusiastic about the project, but I know for sure that the project was a success. Everyone’s project looked great, also. The experience was one I will never forget because we all had lots of fun doing it. Thank you, Ms. Edwards,for letting us do and accomplish something we have all being hoping to do. I hope we can do it again soon!

    • Carolina Quito grade5

      I had such a fun time doing this project with you. I will never forget doing this with our other teammates and you.

    • Tina Shahani grade5

      I had a great time building a catapult, too. I hope we can do it again. your team did a great job. Your catapult was really big. It was great.

  • Carolina Quito grade5

    My experience making a catapult was amazing. It was very tough at first but once we put our minds together, we made a successful catapult. My teammates and I enjoyed it so much. I had such a great time, I wish it had never ended. I will never forget the time we built a catapult.

  • Fabio Yepez grade5

    The catapult project was one of the best projects I ever did. It was a huge challenge but we managed to get it right. I learned a valuable lesson while doing this project, and it was when you have teamwork you can accomplish any hard challenge that comes your way.

  • Francesco Mazzeo 5

    I was very excited at first, but at the end I was very nervous. My friends were very nervous too, but we got through it. I’m so happy I had my team to help.

  • Making the pumpkin catapult was so much fun yet very challenging. I made sure that the base I made was stable and the catapult was able to shoot. Our team members all contributed in a part of our design. It was very stressful at first but it became extremely fun, honestly.

  • Laura Montero Grade 5

    I really loved that we worked together to make one thing. It was very exciting and I learned a lot. Our catapult was small but it was mighty!

  • This was a fun and challenging science experiment, but we did it with teamwork. We went through a couple of models, but the final one was a success. My group and I all had a great time building our catapult and launching it on the target.

  • This was a very fun project that may have taken a lot of work but in the end the creativity shows. Jack, Alyssa, Katelynn and I worked hard to make our catapult, and in the end we built a sturdy catapult that worked perfectly. I think the reason we did good was because of teamwork.

  • This project was amazing,and I learned so much. My friends and I learned about the project and each other. I will never forget this experence.

  • Evan Baquerizo

    This is one of the greatest projects I have ever done. My favorite part was testing to see how far the pumpkin will launch. I give a special thanks to my awesome teacher Ms. Edwards. I hope to do projects similar to this one.

  • The work of our team was great! We all used all of us were knowledge to make this project. My group was very enthusiastic and excited about the project. I will never forget this experience. Thanks to Ms.Edwards this is my favorite project of all!

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