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SFA Wins 2nd Place Overall in the Hudson Catholic HS Forensics Tournament 2016

IMG_1164Forensics is much more than acting out published pieces of work. It is a break from reality, bringing oneself to any experience or situation in life. It allows the participants to put themselves out there, and show what the joy of acting truly is. It builds on the the participants’ public speaking skills by enhancing pitch and quality of voice.  Participants show their true versatility, as props are not allowed to be used. The ability to speak clearly, and with appropriate inflections are lifelong skills.

Contributed by Patrick Boll, 7th Grade



SFA Forensics Team 2016

Duo Interpretation – Junior Varsity

  • Noah Bisrat (5th Grade) /Andres Rodriguez (5th Grade) – 1st place
  • Madison Cortes (6th Grade) / Helena Stuhr (6th Grade) – 2nd place
  • Carolina Rial (6th Grade) / William Rial (6th Grade) – 3rd place

Duo Interpretation – Varsity

  • Rachel Raslowsky (7th Grade) / Mia Valente (7th Grade) – 2nd place
  • Eduardo Hernandez (8th Grade) / Luis Ruiz (6th Grade) – 3rd place

Original Oratory – Junior Varsity

  • Charles Burt (5th Grade) – 1st place
  • Caroline Kreutz Hager (6th Grade) – 2nd place
  • Samantha Smith (5th Grade) – 3rd place

Original Oratory – Varsity

  • Samantha Kravetz (7th Grade) – 1st place
  • Daniela Diaz (8th Grade) – 2nd place

Oral Interpretation – Junior Varsity

  • Elena Hernandez (6th Grade) – 1st place
  • Marietta Valente (7th Grade) – 2nd place

Finalist Trophies

  • Patrick Boll (7th Grade) – Dramatic Interpretation
  • Mia Jardines (8th Grade) – Declamation
  • Julio Lopez (8th Grade) – Original Oratory
  • Aryaa Patel (7th Grade) – Oral Interpretation
  • Sarah Tauriello (8th Grade) – Declamation



(Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Bisrat for sharing the pictures!)

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