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Science Fair 2015-2016 Winners

NOV_0965The Science Fair 2015-2016 for grades 5, 6, 7, and 8 was held December 7-9, 2015 in the school’s auditorium and cafeteria. The judges were Mrs. Donna Grzbowski, Mr. Ziemba, Ms. Edwards and Mrs. Cassidy. The first and second placed winners will be the official entries to the Hudson County Science fair to be held on Feb. 29, 2016 at the Liberty Science Center.


Grade 5

  1. Melena Amoratis – Hydroponics
  2. Noah Bisrat – Hydroponic vs Soil
  3. Natalia Hernandez – Goo-Ooze (Non-Newtonian Fluid)
  4. Jasmine Hernandez – Growing Mold on Solid Food | Weston Kuhn – Does Temperature Affect Air Pressure?
  5. Max Hartelius – Science Behind Tsunamis
  6. Ayush Varma – Oilspills and Cathryn Cunningham – Making Your Own Marshmallows


Grade 6

  1. William Rial – Denaturing Proteins
  2. Kareena Shahani – Illuminate: Eco-Friendly Way
  3. Sofia Sanchez – The 5 Second Rule
  4. Matthew Potter – Electrolysis of Water
  5. Helena Stuhr -Liquid Layers
  6. Caroline Kreutz-Hager – Does Microwave Radiation Affect Plant Growth? and Madison Cortes – How Does Smell Affect Taste?


Grade 7

  1. Blake Jacey – How Does Traction Affect Speed
  2. Peter Coar – Ecosystem: A Delicate Balance
  3. Joseph Pane – Soda Can Calorimeter
  4. Connor Caloni – Lung Capacity Based on Age and Exercise
  5. Ava Buoncore – Hamster’s Sight vs Smell and Julian De Lemos – How Efficiently Can a Robotic Hand Do Simple Tasks?
  6. Jack Durso – Solar Water Desalination and Sophia Dreeke – Conductivity in Salt Solution


Grade 8

  1. Zubin Sood – Building My Own Tool To Identify DNA
  2. Demetri Ioakimidis – The Hydraulic Method
  3. Antonio Callegari – A Pingpong Catapult
  4. Nicole Borrero – Changes in Carbon Dioxide Output and Vital Capacity Before and After Exercise
  5. Sarah Tauriello – Oil Spills: How Do We Clean Up This Environmental Mess?
  6. Deven Quinones – How Does Temperature Affect The Viscosity and Surface Tension of Liquids?



Follow the link to view the photos of our Science Fair 2015-2016

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