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NOTE: For SY 2017-2018, one space each has opened up for Grades 3, 4, and 6.

Aftercare Enrichment Program

The After Care Enrichment Program at St. Francis Academy offers a safe environment in an academic setting. It also affords our students an opportunity to complete their homework under the supervision of our teachers before being allowed to engage in organized playtime. The student is escorted to the Aftercare by their teacher and must be picked up by 5:00PM

About ACE

St. Francis Academy’s After Care Enrichment Program was created to meet the needs of our working parents and their children. We offer a safe and nurturing atmosphere staffed by our caring teachers.

Time is set aside for both homework and free play activity. While attending after care, students may participate in many of our after school activities: violin, karate, band practice, and cheerleading.

Our Staff

Program Director – Ms. Deborah Savage
On-Site Supervisor – Mrs. Rose Farinola and Faculty Members of St. Francis Academy


Our ACE Program is held in the school’s cafeteria and the kindergarten classroom. Weather permitting, the children will go outside. Pick-up at the 17th Street entrance.


Our ACE Program is in session each school day from dismissal until 5:00PM except 1/2 days before a major holiday.

Our Before School Care is available each school day from 7:10AM to the first bell. The children are supervised by the sisters. This service is provided free of charge.

Children are supervised by a member of the faculty.

ACE Procedures and Schedule

  • Children will report directly to the cafeteria after dismissal where attendance will be taken. PK, K, and Grade 1 students will go to Kindergarten classroom in the trailer.
  • Weather permitting, the children will be taken outside for supervised play time
  • Snacks will be eaten. Please provide your child with a healthy snack. This should include a drink. Extra snacks are not available at ACE. This snack is in addition to the lunch you may provide for your child.
  • Homework/Quiet time. The length of the homework period varies based on the amount of homework per class. Any child who finishes before homework time is over will be expected to remain quietly in his/her seat and read. Children may bring board games to play quietly. The staff is available to answer questions about homework assignments, but parental review of assignments is still necessary to ensure accuracy, completeness, and neatness. Each student must have his or her own books and assignments, as well as the supplies necessary to complete his or her work. No student will be sent up to to the classroom for forgotten items.
  • Cleanup/Packing up work and supplies. ACE ends at 5:00PM sharp. The time shown on the clock in the cafeteria will be the time by which late pick-ups are determined. Any child who is picked up after 5:00PM will be charged a $20.00 late pickup fee. Repeated late pick-ups will result in suspension from the ACE Program.

Students must be signed out from ACE. Please be advised that once child checks in during ACE attendance, he or she is officially on the ACE roster and must be signed out from ACE even if he or she is picked up directly from school activity.

Emergency Contact During ACE Hours

The school office closes at 4:00PM. The ACE phone number is (201)863-4829.


After Care Enrichment Program charges are $8.00 / hour. No 1/2 hour billing.


Before School Care – Free

Bills will be sent weekly and are due upon receipt. For more information about our Before School and After School Programs or to enroll your child(ren), call Mrs. Gonzalez at (201)863-4112.



Last updated: September 9, 2015

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