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November 2017

One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is …to have a happy childhood”
-Agatha Christie

Dear Parents,

Just this week I have had several conversations concerning social media with parents.  It seems that with each new social media platform a unique form of “bullying” comes into play.  Instagram, which I very much like because I can see my grandson at all his activities, is the latest culprit!

Children throughout the ages have suffered the pangs of being rejected or left out at parties, playdates, etc…  We parents suffer along with our children when these slights and cruelties occur.  We hope they toughen up, find new friends, or aren’t cognizant of the hurtful rejection.  With the advent of Instagram it seems our children are being pummeled with every picture, especially our tweens and young teens.  In an “instant” we know what everyone is doing and our children are asking themselves, “Why wasn’t I included in that sleepover, trip, the movies or the park”?

I surely wish for our children, especially, our tweens who are establishing their identity and place in the world, a kinder and gentler, less intrusive and public way of dealing with disappointments and friendships.  Though you may consider this a Luddite opinion, fighting against progress, I can assure you that is far from the truth.  Consider that if we, as adults, have difficulty putting our phones or IPads to the side, how can children practice the self-discipline of fasting from social media or simply using it in a responsible and compassionate manner.  Our children are being swept into the future on the swiftly moving tide of social media with little guidance or limits.

I urge you, parents, do not abdicate your right to teach, guide and be a role model for your child to an IPhone!  Talk about integrity, compassion and empathy; limit the time spent on devices and be aware of all your child posts on social media.  Mistakes on social media take only a second and are sometimes far reaching.  Family dinner time should be sacred uninterrupted by cell phone use and please be sure your child’s cell phone is not taken to bed with them.

Thank you, parents, for taking your time to read my concerns on this topic.  We, here at SFA, will continue to pray for you and your families as you live the joys and challenges of parenthood.

God bless you,

Ms. Savage

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