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November 2016


Gratitude can transform common days into Thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings. 
– William Arthur Ward

Dear Parents,

According to modern experts in the field of psychology keeping a gratitude journal will relieve stress, help us sleep better, we will experience less illness and more happiness. As we enter this month of November, the official season of Thanksgiving, let us all focus on the transforming gifts that have been showered upon us by our gracious God. Whether we keep a journal or not we are surrounded by opportunities to experience gratitude and thanksgiving. We should not limit our thanksgiving to one day in November but give thanks with a grateful heart each day of the year.

Next week our dear 8th Graders will begin taking their high school entrance tests: Regis, COOP and a variety of scholarship exams. Please pray for them as they make life changing decisions. May the Holy Spirit give them and their parents the gifts of understanding, wisdom, and knowledge in order to choose a high school that will nurture the individuality and talents of each child while strongly supporting their emotional health and self esteem during the crucial teenage years.

In November SFA collects food for the Sts. Joseph & Michael Food Pantry. This year my Catholic Challenge Team will be responsible for the Food Drive. Unfortunately the food pantry is virtually bare and they are unable to purchase food due to lack of funds. This month they have lessened the amount of food in each bag given to families in need, our neighbors here in Union City. Let us be most generous as we donate non-perishable food items during this month of November and all through the year. In 2015 13.1 million children in the United States lived in food insecure households, how thankful we must be for the abundance at our tables.

I am filled with gratitude for you, dear parents, for the gift of your wonderful children and the trust you place in us each day. Your love for St. Francis Academy and the sacrifices you make to provide your children with a Franciscan Catholic education gives us hope for the future of our world and our church.

God bless you and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Ms. Deborah Savage

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