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LEGO Class in Aftercare Program


Every Thursday, the students in St. Francis Academy’s Aftercare Program are very fortunate to participate in a LEGO Class offered by Bricks 4 Kidz worker and Pre-K4 Aide, Mrs. Laurie Hain.

During this program, the children learn how to design and build everyday objects out of Lego pieces found in the models many children enjoy building at home, but built to house a special motor to make the pieces move. Not only do we get to learn how to build things like windmills, Ferris wheels, and solar panels, but we also get to feel like scientists and engineers.

What I like most about this program is that I get to learn a lot of new things after school in a very fun way. It also helps you to be able to work in a group because the models are designed to be built with a partner; and thanks to this, I’ve made new friendships with students I’ve never even spoken to before.

I definitely recommend that you come to Aftercare on Thursday and try out this awesome program.

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What Others Children Have to Say About the Program

I feel like a real engineer when I build, and I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to.” – Elena, Grade 7

I liked that we got to build seesaw like a real builder.” – Sophia, Grade 1

I liked how fun it was to build moving Legos.” – Joseph, Grade 4

I loved building new things that could move and then adding a new touch after.” – Thomas, Grade 4


The LEGO Class is open to all children in Aftercare, free of charge, from 3:30PM – 4:30PM every Thursday.

Article contributed by Aidan Mancha, Grade 7

29 comments to LEGO Class in Aftercare Program

  • The article is very nice and organized. It really convinces me to join the LEGO class and it teaches me that you can put your mind to anything and do a twist on anything.

  • The LEGO class can show dedication and creativity in a person. It will make learning educational, and fun at the same time.

  • The article and the pictures make the program look very fun! I look forward to joining and making friends with others. I personally think the LEGO Class is good for children these days because many spend their time without using creativity.

  • Nya Karameros Grade 6

    Well done Aidan! This was a very well-written article. It’s pretty amazing that you finally have written something for the school website. The LEGO Class seems very fun. I love to show my creative side also. I used to be really good at building things with LEGOS. Maybe I will consider joining it.

  • Aidan- This is such a great article!! I really liked how you explained how the program works because it gives me an idea of what you do when building your legos.

    I now must convince my mom to let me stay at aftercare on Thursdays so I can take part in this program!

  • This article was short and and got to the point, just the way I like it.I may consider asking my mom to let me come every Thursday. It seems that I will enjoy it. I actually did not know about anything about it. You should feel good about getting out there and telling people about this amazing after-school program.

  • Max Hartelius Grade 6

    Great article! This lego class is a way to other kids to communicate with each other. Many kids may feel like there actually an engineer. I think this a great opportunity to interact with other kids. Thank you the article I hope you will do this again.

  • Good job Aidan! This is exactly what we need as the Secretary of our wonderful school. Keep up the good work! I know you will be successful. I think that this program is a great idea for students.

    Some children might be able to break out of their shell, and do something they’ve always wanted to do(Science, Engineering). For other children it will be a new beginning. With this program, children might enjoy and more deeply understand the concepts of civil engineering.

    Although I am too busy to attend this course, I do hope that a lot of students will join and enjoy this experience. Thank you Brick4Kids and Mrs. Hain and of course to Aidan Mancha.

  • This article is quite interesting to read. It is nice that your have LEGO class during After Care. Great job Aidan for creating this class.

    Congratulations on your accomplishment. I bet it is fun to do on Thursdays, to build all different kinds of objects. Keep it up!

  • I find this activity to be very interesting. I am a fan of legos myself. I’ve a collection of lego creations in my bedroom. I would love to join this class and learn about moving lego parts.

  • This sounds like an amazing after school activity that you can learn how to work in a group and be creative. You can also make new friends from higher grades or lower grades.

  • Vicky Li Grade 6

    This article makes me want to join too. I could feel like I know what you’re doing at the class. I feel like this article was very inspiring. I think the class is very educational to many who like engineering and making craft.

  • Weston Kuhn Grade 6

    I Love the article. It is very well written and describes a lot about the Lego Class. The article is making me to want to join it.

    The class is very interesting and reminds me of a camp I attended once.
    I will join the class if I can convince my parents to let me. I hope this club will continue. I love the creativeness and the creations themselves.

  • I very much liked this article. I think you did a great job on making it, Aidan. I am very persuaded to participate in this activity, but unfortunately, I am very limited with time, even though I love legos. Even though I cannot join, I thought this selection was very persuasive and was stupendous.

  • I liked this article a lot Aiden. I think you did a great job on writing this article. I am persuaded to participate in this activity but sadly I don’t have that much time. Although I can’t join this awesome activity, I thought this article was very good and creative.

  • Alan Esteban

    Very nice article! I like how the first paragraph really brought me in to reading the rest of the article. I like how you wrote this article with a lot of detail and also how you put your own opinion.

    Now about the LEGO class itself. I, honestly, really like the class. It gave me a whole new idea around building with LEGO bricks. Good article 10/10.

  • Dear Aidan Mancha,

    I really enjoyed reading your article. I think you really did a good job on writing an article on Lego Class. Reading this article it really made me want to join the Lego class.

  • Dear Aidan Mancha,

    I thought you did a really great job on your article about Lego class. All of the things I learned from this were pretty intresting.

    This made me want to go to aftercare and join this program. I never knew that legos can go without me.

  • I think the lego class in aftercare is very interesting. The program can help students learn building skills, and children can meet new friends. The lego program offer very interesting models to make.

    The program is for all ages and grades, which to me seems very good because no one will feel left out. You can work with a partner, which can build lasting friendships at SFA. Students can learn to be creative, and adapt to many important facets because of this program. I hope more children join, so they can be part of the fun!

  • charles burt 6

    Very good Aidan the article was very fun and creative.I like how you are so formal. The Lego class was a very smart idea to start. I am so happy that I can participate in this. The class will teach kids to be creative.

  • Noah Bisrat grade 6

    This was a really compassionate and very heartfelt review on the lego program. Everything stayed positive, and as I read it it reminded me of the happy times in my past. I know that you will become an author one day, and you will write a bestselling book. Keep up the good work, and always stay positive.

    I’ve never been to the lego program, but you have changed my mind about legos. The words you used were very descriptive, which created a positive description about legos. I like that you also stated the facts first, and then put your own personal opinion about this program. This is a program that I know many kids will love and enjoy.

  • Congratulation Aidan! This article was written very well.I am sorry but, I am busy every Thursday so I can’t join the Lego class,but I would really like to join your class because I really like to build Lego.

    For me I always build creative things but, when I saw this article and the pictures of kids building I really wanted to join but,unfortunately I need to do other things.

  • This article was written with great enthusiasm. I really enjoyed reading this article about the new Lego Class. Aftercare is a brilliant place to hold this class. I would like to congratulate Aidan Mancha on this well written article. I was persuaded to join this class. Lego Class looks really fun.
    Instead of building blocks with LEGO’s pieces alone in Aftercare, the Lego Class builds relationships and is an exciting activity after school. This class can also teach children about science and engineering. This article was a great idea to write, so more children can join and learn something new.

  • I like when the children are getting creative and building out of the smallest things.I also didn`t know about this until I read this article.
    I think this article could have more information like what are some things the children have built or maybe what the difficulties for each of the things that were built.Overall this is a helpful article and will inspire others inside and outside of St.Francis Academy.

  • Congratulations Aidan! This article was very well written and constructed in a well manner. Unfortunately, I am busy and cannot join, but this article made me want to join! The friendship tied into this article was the Christian way. The pictures made everything more persuading.

    Building is a unique and creative way to learn. Aidan, you should make articles more often because this one was great! Getting kids to have some fun after sitting all day is tempting. More kids should join! I’ll send the word out!

  • Dear Aidan Mancha,

    Personally I think your article is very persuasive and well written on how you described you experience there and the friendships you made. The Lego class itself sound extremely interesting already, you just made it sound more intriguing. I myself might join this year. The article also shows you different levels of skill such as engineering, science, and architecture.

  • I actually wasn’t aware of this program until I read this article. I like how this article was written, and at first thought that it was written by an adult. He displays this program as a very great thing to do after school. I like how the program has introduced a very unique after school activity towards kids in the school.

    I have also never heard of attaching a motor to a lego structure so that it doesa particular movement. Legos moving is fascinating. I have never been able to just have a bucket of legos and create something, but I’m better at following instructions. Overall, this article is well made and i might just join the program.

  • This after school program can inspire a student at ST. Francis Academy to go to this after school program. As you said in the article students can enjoy experiencing being like an engineer or a scientists inventing machines. In this article you told the reader that a student can make new friendships with other students. I agree with this, I feel that if I do join this program I will talk and converse with students I have not talked to. This after school program seems very fun for the smaller grades and upper grades.

    The article itself was very informative but short. You say all the information you need to inspire a student to join this after school program.You used proper grammar and correct spelling. Overall this article is very amazing. I will put the program into consideration when I stay in aftercare or I am just in school after all my classes. Good Job, Aiden Mancha!

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