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Gr. 3 Class Participates in #kindnessthroughcompliments Program

Ms. Nielsen’s Gr. 3 class is partipating in a program called #kindnessthroughcompliments, which was started by a guidance counselor in South Jersey. She wanted children to spread kindness to others, even those they don’t know.

This is how the program works: Each child in the class receives a blank kindness heart. He/she writes a kind message/compliment to someone they do not know. The hearts get decorated and colored. The hearts are then mailed to a teacher in another school. The receiving class takes a photo holding the hearts that came to them in the mail.

Each teacher contacts the original guidance counselor with the photo of her/his class holding the hearts they received. The guidance counselor tracks the places that have received compliments; so far the hearts have made their way to many different states and to other countries. News 4 New York covered the story.

Awesome work, Gr. 3 students!

1 comment to Gr. 3 Class Participates in #kindnessthroughcompliments Program

  • Angela Travelli

    A “heartfelt” thank you to my dear friend, Ms. Nielsen, and her wonderful class for sharing this beautiful project with us. I received your hearts, and I’ve passed them to our third grade teacher, Ms. Katie Osback. Everyone is eager to complete this touching project and interested in spreading kindness to others. Keep up the great work! Wishing all of you much success and many blessings!

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