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Forensics Team 2017

In the month of May 2017, the SFA Forensics Team participated in two competitions. The team placed First at the All Saints Catholic Academy Forensics Tournament on May 9, 2017. And on May 22, the Junior Varsity team placed 3rd overall, while the Varsity Team placed second.

The Varsity team also got to showcase their skills during our Annual Spring Concert in Union City High School.

Congratulations, Mrs. Giallombardo, and Forensics Team!

Forensics is such an enjoyable activity. You can gain self-confidence and have lots of fun. You can also work on public speaking, which I love doing in front of other people.” – Joseph, Grade 4


Forensics is a great activity that requires talent, confidence, and hard work. I have learned about speaking out loud in front of a crowd and overcoming fears. This is an activity that I highly suggest.” – Katherine, Grade 4


Forensics is an amazing activity that allows us to be ourselves. It can encourage children to speak in public. Forensics is very exciting for us. Mrs. G does a a FANTASTIC job coaching us.” – Maryann, Grade 4


Forensics is an acting / speaking class that requires confidence. It has taught me to stand up to my fears. Forensics is not only serious, but also fun. I learned a lot from my amazing Forensics teacher, Mrs. G.” – Noah, Grade 6


Forensics is such a unique and interesting activity! It can help you achieve self-confidence by standing in front of people and speaking. I love Forensics so much!” –Samantha, Grade 6


I. May 9, 2017 – All Saints Catholic Academy Forensics Tournament

Junior Varsity

1st Place – Andres Rodriguez (Gr. 6) /Noah Bisrat (Gr. 6)
2nd Place – Audrey Bruder (Gr. 6) /Cathryn Cunningham (Gr. 6)
3rd Place – Weston Kuhn (Gr. 6) /Max Hartelius (Gr. 6)

Oral Interpretation:
1st Place –Lucas Hernandez (Gr. 4)

Dramatic Interpretation:
1st Place – Sophia Thomas (Gr. 4)

Original Oratory:
1st Place – Joseph Burt (Gr. 64
2nd Place – Sofia Baracskai (Gr. 6)
3rd Place – Charles Burt (Gr. 6)

1st Place – Joseph Scalzo (Gr. 6)
2nd Place – Aarav Patel (Gr. 5)


Dramatic Interpretation
1st Place – Patrick Boll (Gr. 8)
2nd Place – Nelson Jimenez (Gr. 7)
3rd Place – Rachel Raslowsky (Gr. 8)

Duo Interpretation

1st – Place – Megan Dunne (Gr. 8) / Mia Valente (Gr. 8)
2nd Place – Elena Hernandez (Gr. 7) /Melena Amoratis (Gr. 6)
3rd Place – Cameron Lopez (Gr. 8)/Aryaa Patel (Gr. 8)

1st Place – Helena Stuhr (Gr. 7)

Original Oratory
2nd Place – Samantha Kravetz (Gr. 8)

Oral Interpretation
1st Place – Marietta Valente (Gr. 7)
2nd Place – Rayea Jain (Gr. 7)

II. May 22, 2017 – Union City High School Forensics Tournament:

Junior Varsity – 3rd Place Team

2nd Place – Aarav Patel (Gr. 5)

Oral Interpretation
1st Place – Lucas Hernandez (Gr. 4)

Original Oratory
1st Place – Joseph Burt (Gr. 4)

3rd Place – Noah Bisrat  (Gr. 6) & Andres Rodriguez (Gr. 6)

Varsity – 2nd Place Team Trophy

1st Place – Grace Sawyer (Gr. 7)
2nd Place – Helena Stuhr (Gr. 7)

Original Oratory
2nd Place – Samantha Kravetz (Gr. 8)

Oral Interpretation
Finalists – Rayea Jain  (Gr. 7) and Marietta Valente (Gr. 7)

Dramatic Interpretation
1st Place – Patrick Boll (Gr. 8)
2nd Place – Caroline Kreutz –Hager (Gr. 7)
Finalist – Nelson Jimenez (Gr. 7)

1st Place – Megan Dunne (Gr. 8) /Mia Valente (Gr. 8)
Finalist – Sophia Dreeke (Gr. 8) / Milani Bethel (Gr. 8)

1 comment to Forensics Team 2017

  • Noah Bisrat

    The forensics team has done such an amazing job. This is also to all others out there you are shy of breaking out of their shell. Most people are nervous all because they think they might mess up, and that they have to be perfect. In forensics we encourage you to do your best and live up to your potential. Plus the more you do it the better you will become. It is also okay if you make mistakes, you will get all the support from the other forensics members. So don’t be shy to speak in front of people. If you think about it shyness can lead to problems with social life, anxiety, and grades. You may know something but you don’t want to answer the question. This is a very bad habit and you can start now. If you start something while you are young, it will be easier to learn it than when you are older. So just think about it, and let the Holy Spirit guide you.

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