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First Place in Jeopardy at QPHS

1st Place Team - Joseph, Julian, Rachel, and Blake.

1st Place Team – Joseph, Julian, Rachel, and Blake.

April 23, 2016 – Congratulations to the Seventh Grade for winning First Place in the Academic Games at Queen of Peace High School in Kearny, New Jersey!

Julian De Lemos of the winning team writes his experience:

The game of Jeopardy is one of pure struggle, pure anxiety, and pure victory. Each round was more stressful than the last.  First it was easy; our confrontation with the Cardinals ended with us winning by a landslide. The next game, we lost, but to worthy opponents and by only a few points. We were exhilarated when we were announced to be in the top eight of the most cerebral teams in the competition. The third round we won in great succession. It came down to two teams: us and the Blue Ribbons. Each team got one question after another; us, then them, us, then them. This went on for minutes, each point making the game more nail-biting and stressful. And at the end, where we thought we had lost, we saw the score: 370 to 380. Our team was in both shock and excitement; we beat our adversaries by ten points! It was truly a glorious day.

Jeopardy was an exciting and spectacular experience. Our training through the months helped us prepare for our competition. Each question poke a each of our brains, from what do you call the top layer of skin, to what element comes after hydrogen, to algebraic problems. This event helped us improve our teamwork skills and our overall knowledge. While some of us didn’t win, all that matters is that we all did our best!

1st Place: Query Crushers

Blake Jacey
Joseph Pane
Julian De Lemos
Rachel Raslowsky


3rd Place: Smarticles Particles

Andrew Lin
Megan Dunne
Milani Bethel
Patrick Boll
Peter Coar


4th Place: Brainy Bunch

Jason Quinones
Mia Valente
Nicholas Rutigliani
Sophia Dreeke

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