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Eggciting Happenings in 1st Grade 2014


First graders had a visitor on Tuesday, September 30th. It was Farmer Tom from Quiver Farm. He brought a rooster and a hen named Ruby and Max along for a visit with 12 of their unhatched eggs. The 1st graders were so very egg-cited about being parents to new chicks.

The eggs were placed in an incubator where they were kept nice and warm. The children all got to turn the eggs three times a day for the next three days. It was hard to say goodbye on Friday.

1st-graders-chicksMonday morning arrived with the chirping of five cute chicks as Ms. Coffey entered the room. Two more were beginning the journey our of their eggs. When the children arrived they watched in amazement as two more chicks were born. They noticed cracks in more eggs and were eagerly awaiting the birth of more chicks. By lunchtime we had the chirping of ten chicks. The children were thrilled. We watched the last two eggs patiently and prayed to St. Francis for their safe arrival. Chick #11 finally hatched right before dismissal. We said goodbye for the night.

The children enjoyed the next few days watching, feeding, and playing with the new chicks. We were awarded a ribbon for a successful hatch. Farmer Tom told us we did a good job. The children made booklets about the life of a chick and they had a wonderful experience.

We were all sad to see them leave, but know they would be happier back in the farm

– Ms. Coffey, 1st Grade Teacher


Follow the link to view photos of Egg-citing Happenings in 1st Grade 2014.




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