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Class of 2015 Scholarships

The class of 2015 has received a grand total of $573,000 in scholarships from various High Schools. Listed below are the breakdown of each scholarship:

Caroline BruderNotre Dame High School$8,000
St. Dominic Academy$6,000
Sofia CasulliConvent of Sacred Heart$10,000 (annual)
Notre Dame High School$24,00
Dominique ClisuraSt. Dominic Academy$4,000
Ryan GraySt. Peter's Preparatory Ignatian Scholarship$30,000
Nicholas IniashviliSt. Peter's Preparatory Bishop Sheehan Full Scholarship$60,000
Seton Hall Preparatory Headmaster's Scholarship$34,000
Xavier High School President's Scholarship$20,000
Maxine JaceyNotre Dame High School$8,000
Ying LinMarist High School Brother Sylvius Scholarship$8,000
Sofia LopezSt. Dominic Academy Veritas Academic Scholar$12,000
Notre Dame High School$12,000
Alieza MalikSt. Dominic Academy$2,000
Madison ManchaSt. Dominic Academy$2,000
Alessandro MemmoloSt. Peter's Preparatory Ignatian Scholarship$16,000
Hudson Catholic Regional High School Academic Scholarship$8,000
Bianca PinoSt. Dominic Academy$10,000
Notre Dame High School$8,000
St. Vincent Ferrer Honors Scholarship$4,000
Daniel RajaramMarist High School Brother Sylvius Scholarship$8,000
Marcus RiveraMarist High School$4,000
Gianna RuiglianiImmaculate Conception HS$10,000
St. Vincent Ferrer Honors Scholarship$4,000
Notre Dame High School$8,000
Victoria SanabriaImmaculate Heart of Mary$16,000
Immaculate Conception HS$10,000
William SheltonSt. Peter's Preparatory Ignatian Scholarship$16,000
Xavier High School President's Scholarship$20,000
Marist High School Royal Knight Scholarship$12,000
Miranda SternSt. Dominic Academy Siena Scholars Program$20,000
St. Vincent Ferrer Scholars Program$25,000
Immaculate Conception HS$10,000
Dominican Academy$20,000
Stephanie TrujilloSt. Dominic Academy$2,000
GRAND TOTAL:$573,000


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