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7th Grade Jeopardy Competition

On Saturday, April 29, the seventh graders participated in the annual Jeopardy Academic Games of Queen of Peace High School in North Arlington, NJ. The students studied very hard and were well-prepared for the competition.

The questions asked ranged in categories such as Science, World Capitals, Slogans, and Math. Every round was full of nail-biting tension as the competition was fierce.

Five SFA teams out of a total of eighteen teams placed in the contest. The seventh graders would like to thank Ms. Savage and Ms. Farinola for believing in us and preparing us for Jeopardy. It was a memorable day for the seventh grade!

The Franciscan Four (First Place)

  • Aidan Mancha (captain)
  • Grace Sawyer
  • Helena Stuhr
  • Valentina Weil

The Excellorators (Fourth Place)

  • Isiah Estrada
  • Elena Hernandez (captain)
  • Carolina Rial
  • Joshua Tauriello

The Smartans (Fifth Place)

  • Nicolas Buendia
  • Rayea Jain (captain)
  • Caroline Kreutz
  • Lucas Riancho

The Fun Fact Friars (Sixth Place)

  • Daniel Halligan
  • Alyssa Martinez
  • Diego Pena
  • Marietta Valente (captain)

The Fighting Franciscans (Seventh Place)

  • Noah Colon
  • Nelson Jimenez
  • Matthew Potter (captain)
  • William Rial


Contributed by Elena Hernandez


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