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2nd Place in Scholastic Olympics at Marist High School


May 10, 2016 – The 7th Graders placed 2nd overall in the annual Scholastic Olympics held at Marist High School in Bayonne, NJ. Congratulations!

Megan Dunne recalls her experience from the competition:

On Tuesday, May 10th the seventh grade journeyed to Marist High School to compete in Scholastic Olympics. A month before the competition a handful of seventh graders were picked to compete. From the day we were picked to the day we set foot in Marist High School, each seventh grader studied their subject vigorously. By the time of the competition we were ready to compete.

We walked into the competition confident yet humble. Everyone was seated in the gym and ready to start. The room went silent as the booming voice on the microphone announced the names of the subjects. The students went on their way. Peter, Blake and I walked down the stairs into the room where the general knowledge test would be given out. Right away we answered question after question. After we had finished the final test we all knew that we had done well. We worked to our fullest potential and we knew that is all that mattered. We entered the gym once again to see parents and teachers waiting to hear how we did.

After the rest of my classmates came back from their tests, a woman stepped up to the microphone to announce the results. My heart was pounding as they announced each student who had placed. “St. Francis Academy” echoed through the gym. Blake, Peter and I grinned from ear to ear as we went to receive our first place trophies for General Knowledge. Overall as a school we received second place. No one could stop smiling because we knew that we had done our best. My experience at Scholastic Olympics was a great one and I hope that the future seventh grade classes will think so too.

– Contributed by Megan Dunne, 7th Grade



General knowledge: Megan Dunne, Peter Coar and Blake Jacey- 1st Place

English: Miranda Smith- 1st Place

Spelling: Mia Mantilla- 2nd Place

Computers: Jack Durso- 2nd Place

History: Jason Quinones- 3rd Place

Science: Julian DeLemos- 3rd Place

Overall: 2nd Place

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